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Vaccines: Protect Yourself Before Your Trip

Protect yourself and your loved ones

While overseas travel exposes you to wonderful new cultures and adventures, it can also expose you to infectious diseases. Young children, babies, pregnant women, older travellers and people with a weakened immune system due to underlying chronic diseases are especially at risk of infection when traveling. By visiting your GP and getting the vaccinations you need, you can protect yourself and your loved ones against potentially serious health risks.

Getting vaccinated as a requirement

Some countries may require you to be vaccinated against certain diseases. You may be refused entry or required to have the necessary vaccination(s) at the border if you do not have the required vaccinations. It’s best to talk to your doctor about any vaccines or boosters you may need to get before you travel.

Even if you have been vaccinated in the past, your immunity to some diseases may have changed or reduced with time and you may need a booster. Additionally, depending on your age and where you were born, you may not be protected against some diseases, such as measles or polio.

Visit your GP at least 6 weeks in advance

You need to visit your doctor at least 6 to 12 weeks before you depart to give your immune system time to respond to any vaccinations you may need, and because you may require several doses of a particular vaccine. Your doctor can also advise you on preventative measures which can be taken to protect yourself from diseases you might encounter when travelling overseas.

Remember: You are responsible for your health. Once you receive the vaccinations you need and your immune system is primed, all that’s left is a peace of mind and a great adventure ahead.

For more information:

Things to consider before you leave, while you are away and when you return: Australian Government Department of Health

Travel advice for individual destinations: Smartraveller (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

Stay up to date with your travel vaccines and get expert medical advice for your travels by booking an appointment with one of our doctors at ReCreation Medical Centre.


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