Your doctor will advise when they expect the results to arrive at the clinic. Results cannot be given to you over the phone. Please make an appointment with your doctor to find out your results and ask what they mean for your care.


Our practice is committed to preventative care. Your doctor will seek your permission to be included on our reminder system. We may issue you with a reminder notice from time to time offering you preventative health services appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to be apart of this system, please let the receptionist know. 


Your privacy is our priority. It is a legal requirement to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorized members of staff. We abide by the ten National Privacy Principles available at http://www.privacy.gov.au/health/index.html

Repeat prescription

Please be aware of when your repeat prescription is due, as you will need to make an appointment with a doctor to get a new script. This will ensure you are not left without medication and you can see the doctor in time. 

feedback & complaints

We are always looking for ways to improve at our clinic. If you have any feedback or complaint, please inform the Practice Manager in writing or use the form below. If we are unable to resolve your problem then the Health Service Commissioner should be contacted on 1300 582 113

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